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How to be an Inspired Christian

Are you a Christian who is not feeling motivated to act according to your faith in the past few weeks? Perhaps you have a difficult person whom you work with or live with who is driving to your edge and is really tempting you to result in unruly behavior. Perhaps you are in a difficult marriage and you are finding it hard to feel joy in your everyday life with your husband and your family.

Well whatever rough situation that you are going through, your faith, without a doubt, can help you overcome it. And not just overcome it, but see it with the eyes of faith that will make you carry your cross with calm and resignation, while looking to Jesus as the source of your strength. You can read below on how to be an inspired Christian who lives out her faith in her daily life and rises above difficult situations as a result of it.

One of the ways that you can be an inspired Christian is to read the Bible every day. This is what all Christian religions recommend. When you read the Bible you come to an understanding of what God’s will is for you in your daily life. You get reminded every day of the importance of doing good things because we will be judged by our actions when we die.

The best time to read the Bible would be upon waking up in the morning. If you are a mom then it would be good to do this during dawn because that is the time that is quiet in your house. You will be the only one awake. Your husband and your children will be asleep. In this kind of atmosphere, you will be able to reflect well.

Another way by which you can be an inspired Christian is to read Christian blogs. If you are a wife or a mom, you can specifically look for blogs of Christian women who write about how they see their roles of a wife and mom through the eyes of faith.

These blogs can greatly inspire you to live out your faith in the everyday living of your family. From their writings, you will find the strength to carry out your responsibilities each day without complaining about it.

So how do you find such inspiring Christian blogs? Well, that is very easy to do as all you have to do is look for them online. Then when you find results of them you can easily browse through their writings to see which one seems to be most inspirational for you. By skimming through their writings you can also see which writings you can relate with the most.

You may choose two to three inspiring Christian blogs. Then what you can do is to read the blog there regularly during your time allotted for yourself. You may do this once a week or even twice a week, depending on how often they post there in their blog

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